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JA Renwrite

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romance and comedy, romance mystery, romance and friendship


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Publication: 06.11.2019 — ...

Description of book "Robina"

Robina is a 90th century zombie. Her father buried her alive in order to save the people from his belief that his daughter may hurt them. He was a mad scientist to the point that he made his daughter to become his test object. Until it didn’t work and the result was far from what he wanted to be. Decade passed and a pack of boys discovered the story of Robina, they find her cause of curiosity, they took her out from her long years sleep under the ground. And the next happen freak them out

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Kelly Wright 08.11.2019, 21:27:24

precious cover

Renuka Kadlag 07.11.2019, 14:38:45

please update. I loved your creativity

Wicky 06.11.2019, 12:16:42

when will you begin publishing?

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Wicky 07.11.2019, 01:29:59

JA Renwrite, well, you haven't published much

Vijay Kerji 06.11.2019, 19:05:10

I would like to read more

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