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Rohita - A Love Story

Vijay Kerji

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lovers, indian, software engineers


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Ongoing: 11 Nov 23 pages

Publication: 21.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Rohita - A Love Story"

This is a story about the two Software Engineers, Milind, and Rohita, who get married in India and return to New Jersey. Milind is already in love with his classmate, Esha, who lives in India.

Rohita meets her classmate, Ravi in New Jersey. Things will change when Rohita falls in love with Ravi as she finds Milind is not interested in her and he loves someone else back in India. Milind tries to help Rohita settle in America and makes her come closer to Ravi. Will he be successful in his endeavor? What awaits him when he returns to Esha back in India? Will Rohita and Ravi become successful in uniting with each other? Read on...

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Susan Murdock 05.11.2019, 23:30:45

publish more, I love it

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Susan Murdock 06.11.2019, 12:06:27

Vijay Kerji, thank you!

Hillary Owen 22.10.2019, 00:27:34

can't wait to read more

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Vijay Kerji 22.10.2019, 06:10:59

Thank you! The story will be updated every Monday and please follow me to receive the latest notifications.

Kimberley Ostin 21.10.2019, 16:37:41

I like it already

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Vijay Kerji 21.10.2019, 17:28:11

Thank you! Do follow me for the updates and Happy Reading!

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