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this is a story of love, this is a rape story as well, it is a story that has happy ending


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" I want you on your fours, naked right now."
I immediately knew what that meant. I removed my clothes hastily with a Mount Everest sized fear and took the position he said, otherwise I knew what would follow, slaps and kicks and a lot of swear words.

As I knelt down, my legs and arms resting on the bed like a dog, he pounced on me and gropes my breast as he began to deliver slaps on my butt. Simultaneously, he says,

" Lying is not good for you, bit*h. Those who lie, steal and then they kill. Don't ever think of lying to me again. I own you, filthy whore. I know you inch by inch."

Ruby is a broken girl but who says a broken glass can't be mended?

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SavannahGeorgia 03.12.2019, 16:11:30

Does she fall in love with her rapist?

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AnnaRCase guru 06.12.2019, 14:08:00

Hopefully she gets revenge on him. We can always hope. But you never know these days how these stories will go.

Lizzie Dunlap 04.12.2019, 00:21:03

continue the story

Kessily Brunet 03.12.2019, 17:59:41

oh god, what a tragedy

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