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Ruby (completed)


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this is a story of love, this is a rape story as well, it is a story that has happy ending


Age restriction: 18+

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" I want you on your fours, naked right now."
I immediately knew what that meant. I removed my clothes hastily with a Mount Everest sized fear and took the position he said, otherwise I knew what would follow, slaps and kicks and a lot of swear words.

As I knelt down, my legs and arms resting on the bed like a dog, he pounced on me and gropes my breast as he began to deliver slaps on my butt. Simultaneously, he says,

" Lying is not good for you, bit*h. Those who lie, steal and then they kill. Don't ever think of lying to me again. I own you, filthy whore. I know you inch by inch."

Ruby is a broken girl but who says a broken glass can't be mended?

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Lorelei Cabacungan Gigante-Cruz 13.01.2020, 21:54:56

It was really nice to finish this novel , truth be told God always have His ways to make everyone happy. thank you for having a story like this.

amos doris 13.01.2020, 18:05:18

A great write u dear keep it uo.Although i dont understanding the idea of sex before marriage that you try to portray ,because i know as a christian that shouldn't be.From your naration,it seems he wanted to sleep with her before marriage except for the fact that her past experience prevented it.Pls shed more light on that

Akintola Balikis Oyedayo 13.01.2020, 15:26:23

Pls complete it

Akintola Balikis Oyedayo 13.01.2020, 15:25:48

An interesting story

Andrea Bartorelli 12.01.2020, 14:40:58

is it complete? as it says ongoing

Hannah Parizo 11.01.2020, 01:47:57

don't stop

Kamariah Adil 11.01.2020, 01:29:27

Can't wait....

Cira Shalash 10.01.2020, 00:26:55

you need to continue it

Karoline Stars 09.01.2020, 14:03:21 deep

Tiffany Kole 06.01.2020, 00:32:50

I want to read more

Jenna Saren 16.12.2019, 18:47:12

love it

Emma Swan guru 10.12.2019, 10:52:25

Maybe you should mark this story as +18, don't you think?

HypGothic guru 10.12.2019, 03:20:31

I wonder why there is no age restriction on this story. It should be marked as 18+ if it is dealing with the crime of rape.

SavannahGeorgia 03.12.2019, 16:11:30

Does she fall in love with her rapist?

The last comment in the thread:

AnnaRCase guru 06.12.2019, 14:08:00

Hopefully she gets revenge on him. We can always hope. But you never know these days how these stories will go.

Lizzie Dunlap 04.12.2019, 00:21:03

continue the story

Kessily Brunet 03.12.2019, 17:59:41

oh god, what a tragedy

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