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Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

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A Collection of Poems and Short Stories depicting the joys and heartaches of everyday life.

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Roza Csergo 05.07.2019, 20:34:22

I enjoyed your latest short story.
How are you doing?

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Ruby Rose 08.07.2019, 01:37:30

Roza Csergo, Glad you are enjoying them Roza. I am doing well. Grandchildren and Independence Weekend Plans have been fun. Taking ti meta be with the family. How about you?

Roza Csergo 03.07.2019, 19:00:54

Beautiful, very life positive poems.

Roza Csergo 29.06.2019, 00:04:26

For some reason, I can't see the attached image.

Ruby Rose 27.06.2019, 19:06:07

Thank you for your time and comment Rosa. I am so happy to have found this site and looking forward to reading and sharing more here.

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Roza Csergo 27.06.2019, 19:25:57

Ruby Rose, Me too. This is a relatively new community of readers and writers.
I like it because I can be part of it as it grows.

Roza Csergo 27.06.2019, 08:53:02

It was very refreshing to read poetry. I like your style. Thumbs up.

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