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Scientific Reasons Why Heart Is Love's Logo?

Uncle Julius

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valentines day, giving and receiving how the heart pumps blood, love is selfless giving and reveiving


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Why is Heart
Love’s Logo?


The ancient Greeks believed the heart was the centre of life. They knew that when someone died the heart stopped beating. When the heart stops beating, the body is starved of oxygen, and it quickly dies. We generally attach importance to heart in such statements as my “bosom friend” or “wife of my bosom.” Bosom is the chest of a man or woman: and that’s where heart is located. A friend or wife could be dear to your heart. A Valentine is defined as the person that you singled out especially as your sweetheart on the Valentine’s Day. Customized shirts and gift items on Valentine’s Day are inscribed with the logo of heart, which is believed to be the seat of emotions for love. The question before is why is heart the logo for love?

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Ravihansi Palliyaguruge 28.11.2018, 19:11:40

good one

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