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Sex, Drugs & Romance (part 1)


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Publication: 17.12.2019 — 20.12.2019

Description of book "Sex, Drugs & Romance (part 1)"

Falmouth is an Industrial Goth band striving for success. Band members Gaia and Kane journey from their teens into adults in their quests for sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, fame, belonging and ultimately, love. They both face many trials and tribulations in their quest for self knowledge and fulfilment. Gaia learns about herself through her friendship with the more advanced and enigmatic, Kane. She learns of her sexuality and interest in women.

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Heather 20.12.2019, 21:43:24

that's a good story, I'm in process

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HypGothic guru 21.12.2019, 03:35:18

Heather, thank you for your comment. Please keep me posted with what you think as you progress.

Susan Murdock 18.12.2019, 19:56:08

a complete story, I´m so happy:)))

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HypGothic guru 20.12.2019, 04:16:13

Susan Murdock, thank you for saying.

Alexis Danford 17.12.2019, 11:48:14

I'm already hooked with the first chapters I've read

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HypGothic guru 17.12.2019, 11:49:16

Alexis Danford, Oh thank you. That's very kind of you to say.

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