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hate, revenge and magic, having no control over life


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Description of book "Shades"

A lonely costume maker visits the city of Theater and becomes famous but she doesn't really design costumes she designs curses those costumes are like giving curse permission to enter your life. But the costume maker thinks she just pulls over the griefs of others. And she does that because she can't do that with her own. She can't kill or hide even her own grief. She really isn't aware that her costumes are just totally full of grief that they instead of pulling grief of others out or hiding it just increase the grief of others.
The costume maker is a truly intriguing tale of how once grief and revenge can affect the whole surroundings. It kills her to kill them, Can she really ever come over her own grief? Can she ever find a costume for her own!

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Joe Marh 09.09.2019, 20:16:52

the description invites me to read

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S.Ali 09.09.2019, 22:28:09

Joe Marh, Hope you feel the same way about the story itself!

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