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Siblings: Forbidden love


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Ongoing: 10 Nov 153 pages

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Description of book "Siblings: Forbidden love"

How will you feel or react when you find out that you are deeply in love with your sweet, handsome and protective brother?

Anna Macaulay is the younger sister to Jason Macaulay. They are what every siblings should be, close, protective of one another and jovial.
Loves one another so dearly until Anna notices that her love for her brother has gone way beyond brotherly love to the extent that she fantasizes on kissing him and also sleeping with him. How is she going to tell her older brother that she is madly in love with him and not have him thinking she is crazy and stupid? After all, they are still blood related. They are SIBLINGS.
That was when Anna realises that she has a FORBIDDEN LOVE deep inside her heart.

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Marilyn Lucero 10.09.2019, 06:38:15

I am now wondering how this emotional torture ends

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Marilyn Lucero 11.09.2019, 02:46:53

Goodness, I see. I have been using my phone eversince and there are so many features which are only available in desktop

Kat Moon 09.09.2019, 12:31:37

I´m so sorry for her, it must be so hard to live with this

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Goodness 09.09.2019, 13:34:23

Kat Moon, it's heart wrenching.

Miri Golden 08.09.2019, 18:33:32

what a dangerous love

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Goodness 08.09.2019, 19:22:12

Miri Golden, honestly.

Marilyn Lucero 05.09.2019, 12:00:53

I hope one of them is a child of another person

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Goodness 05.09.2019, 19:26:18

diamond46, I hope too : (

Roza Csergo 05.09.2019, 01:29:42

Now this story has quite the conflict.
Internal and external. The woman has some figuring out to do.
It's also well written and it has a steamy beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take the plot and how you develop the characters' relationship.

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Goodness 05.09.2019, 10:15:59

Roza Csergo, :)

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