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Series: Breaking the Silence

Story about:
dark secrets, sexual assault, awakened powers


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Ongoing: 14 Feb 16 pages

Publication: 04.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Silence"

Her life was over the moment her name was plastered all over the news. Attention seeker, false accuser, whore. Justine Virtue was a victim of the single most unforgivable crime humans are capable of. According to society, her biggest mistake was speaking up. When the pressure of staying in her hometown becomes too much to mentally handle, Justine moves to her cousin's and tries to begin a life where, hopefully, no one knows who she is. Didn't take too long for new rumors to start. But then, Justine is thrust into a parallel realm where cleansing the scum of the Earth is within her newfound power. Finally, it was her time to create a justice that was denied her, and she wasn't the only one. Now, it was their time to break the unfair system, to break the stigma, to break the silence.

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I'm hooked — added to my library :)

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Added it to my library:)

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