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Silent Cries


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humor, abuse, domestic violence


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Description of book "Silent Cries"

Bright smile, doe eyes and a seemingly cheerful appearance.

Seventeen-year-old Isla Leighton would be the last person anyone would suspect of being a victim of abuse. With an alcoholic Father and an emotionally abusive Mother, Isla never gets a break.

At school, she becomes the target of one Trevor Jenkins, the son of Maysville's richest business man. From getting her head flushed down the toilet, to rotten eggs been thrown at her, Isla struggles to keep herself together.

With her witty, sarcastic personality, Isla seems to attract the attention of Xeros, one of the new transfer students in town. From his dark eyes to his smouldering gaze, she finds it hard to keep away from him. But Xeros is no church boy, and soon, his dark past starts catching up on him.

Isla must learn how to stan

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Deepali Agarwal 31.01.2020, 09:40:24

This novel looks the copy of ""The Abused Girl", a novel by Aleyna Keskin, a novel on Wattpad and the Anybooks. The story and eventhe name of some similar characters are same.

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Deepali Agarwal 31.01.2020, 11:09:59

AuthorWho19 , Sorry, about the comment.

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