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Siren Song


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reconciliation, romance, loss


Restriction: 18+

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Ongoing: 19 Sep 40 pages

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Description of book "Siren Song "

For the sake of his family image and business Liang JianAmal was forced to marry a woman by his 25th birthday. Against his family's desires Liang JianAmal chose a woman the opposite of what his family had desired,someone who lived in another world on the opposite side of it.

Fiery, independent, free-willed Chang Dumont soon found herself drawn into a world and life she never thought was possible. Drawn to a world with more darkness and pain than she could have imagined and would change her forever.


Hi thank you to everyone checking out my first work! This story is going to have at least a few hundred chapters, maybe more! I hope you enjoy!

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Giggi 19.09.2019, 12:28:37

nothing a few drinks can't true hahahah

Grace 15.09.2019, 22:01:36

I like it

Good girl 14.09.2019, 20:37:36

good girl

Ariadne Roberts 05.09.2019, 19:29:44

inspired in a song

Paris Nobriga 04.09.2019, 19:25:42

absolutely amazing

diamond46 04.09.2019, 09:11:48

This book is very well-written and the plots are really amazing.

diamond46 04.09.2019, 09:10:29

I'm so glad you're already here. Join the writer's club and follow the authors. Most of us will follow back to support each other.

Pauletta Attaway 03.09.2019, 12:32:40

what a beautiful cover

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Kayalicia 03.09.2019, 19:05:35

Thank you so much!

Roza Csergo 02.09.2019, 22:19:08

This is a very interesting introduction.
Your descriptions bring the scene to life.
Looking forward to seeing how you develop the storyline further.
And the cover looks fantastic.
I added your story to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back?
I'd love to connect with you. Thanks.

The last comment in the thread:

Kayalicia 03.09.2019, 02:59:42

Of course, and thank you for following me! I love the titles of several of your books and already know I'm going to lose myself in them, I absolutely love fantasy and adventure, especially with a touch of romance! ❤️

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