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Sisters part 1


Series: Sisters

Story about:
revenge, jealousy and rot and pain and death, sisters love


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#32 in Dark fantasy
#30 in Thrillers & Suspense

Complete 16 pages

Publication: 20.12.2019 — 24.12.2019

Description of book "Sisters part 1"

Sisters present the mix of emotions and this is part 1, part 2 will arrive soon and this presents the story of a pathetic woman who destroyed the life of her very own husband just to take the revenge that was wrong and how she exceeds limits and plans an incredible plan to get her husband to the flames of hell of the world. She left everything for him and the city in which she wanted to live with him. She left her royal life just to have the real fun of her Life in L.A but this belief of Victoria that she can do everything and men are slaves of woman will make her exceed any limits. She will go for it planning an insane case of 13 women.

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S. N 27.12.2019, 19:09:45

please read my book " Mixed feelings" and give a review about it guys

Anthony Sterling 25.12.2019, 22:40:50

good ending for Victoria

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S.Ali 26.12.2019, 10:57:05

Anthony Sterling, yup, she got what she wanted and never committed to the slavery of a man who just betrayed her, but she also shouldn't have killed her very own daughter but wait for the part 2 because this was just the story of the past of sisters.

Tiffany Kole 21.12.2019, 18:27:44


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