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(sweets anthology) Waffle Cones

Hallie Schlauch

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lgbt love, romance and comedy, romance and friendship


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Ongoing: 12 Oct 9 pages

Publication: 06.10.2019 — ...

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It was a hot summer evening of July when Cheryl Sullivan had begged her older sister Kelsi Ann Sullivan to take her to the Epiphany Plaza for ice cream. It took only a few minutes of begging until her sister got tired of it and agreed. Little did Cheryl know it would change her sister’s life forever when she meets Natalia Luzu Esper, an employee at Dimple and immediately gets love struck. From then on, she doesn't go for just ice cream.

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Susan Murdock 06.10.2019, 15:15:57

the first chapter is very interesting, can´t wait to read more

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Hallie Schlauch 06.10.2019, 18:50:52

Susan Murdock, Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it! You can see my posting schedule on my main page to know when to look out for new chapters! :)

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