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Taming Desire

Jane Guo

Series: Desire Series

Story about:
love, marriage of convenience, mafia boss


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#4 in Billionaires
#2 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 17 Aug 36 pages

Publication: 22.04.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Taming Desire"

The last time I saw him, he was caught, handcuffed and being taken away. The last time I touched him was while I apologized for betraying him. The last I saw of him was before the elevator doors to his penthouse apartment closed, his signature smirk gracing his lips as I wept at the foyer.

That was all a month ago...

I never thought I'd see him again. Especially not standing in front of me as though he had never left with a wide grin on his lips as he looks down on me.

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Mbulu Oscar 18.08.2019, 20:28:39

hopefully there is a continuation covering upto the mafia weeding

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Mbulu Oscar 18.08.2019, 20:38:57

Mbulu Oscar, wedding*

Korey Charles 18.08.2019, 16:58:30

I´m loving it

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Mbulu Oscar 18.08.2019, 20:33:48

Korey Charles, it's really nice ....and captivating too

diamond46 18.08.2019, 00:06:09

When is the next update, dear author?

Rahila Andy 13.08.2019, 12:12:54

pls inform me if update pls

diamond46 11.08.2019, 22:38:21

I so love the story and how well the author portrays the characters and the plots.

Krystal 09.08.2019, 15:14:07


Lizzie Dunlap 08.08.2019, 13:00:33

My desire is getting bigger right now

diamond46 08.08.2019, 02:33:57

This is such a beautiful story.

Christina john 07.08.2019, 21:12:41

thank you for the amazing second book...I love it... hoping regular updates ;-)

Jess Conibear 07.08.2019, 17:39:11


Loreal Farmer 06.08.2019, 10:41:57


diamond46 05.08.2019, 22:59:56

Pls inform me once you've updated, dear author.

Vijay Kerji 05.08.2019, 17:42:04

Though it's short, the story hooked me. What the man is going to do with Katherine? I am just curious
Thanks for sharing your story!

diamond46 05.08.2019, 17:39:25

Next chapter, please!

diamond46 05.08.2019, 17:31:51

I have been waiting for this. Thank you so much!

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