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The Ancient Sultan

Aubrey L

Text includes:
magic, king, historical fiction


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#3 at Historical Romance
#1 at Action fantasy

In progress: 06 Dec 111 pages

Publication: 05.12.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "The Ancient Sultan "

Weston was born and raised without a clue how his life would lead him to be one of the greatest sultans of all Mesopotamia. Now he must learn how to maintain a kingdom and honor his new family, He takes control of his own rules instead of the traditional standards or governs the way his father has done.
A law of magic is spread throughout the whole of Asia. The regions are relying on the king of the middle east to lead the people into a united agreement. An outbreak of war and ruin come to those who don't think after their final decisions.
The malice of magic users is now dying from Weston's touch. He promises to lead the people into a better future with no magical properties. But how can they trust a hypocrite?

Rated: PG-13 for Gore and Violence.

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Aubrey L 10.12.2018, 16:47:31

I'm so sorry I havent been able to update my story! A lot of things have been buzzing about my brain, lately. I will update and add my story probably in January and continulously edit my story for your enjoyment!
Thank you for being so patient!

Tasha Nickolson 05.12.2018, 13:52:28

somthing new to me

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Tasha Nickolson 06.12.2018, 13:39:12

Aubrey L, You've done it great!

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