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The Bad Boy's Toy


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love, badboy, goodgirl


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#8 at New Adult & College
#5 at Contemporary Romance

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Publication: 14.01.2019 — 15.01.2019

Annotation to the book "The Bad Boy's Toy"

"I'm not it, I'm not her. I won't fall for this monster. I won't be the Bad Boy's Toy."

Ashley Airwood.

Perfect Grades.

Perfect Daughter.

Perfect Sister.

Perfect good girl.

Bain White.

Bad reputation.

Bad player habits.

Bad temper.

Very Bad Boy.

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Covenant Adegbami 15.02.2019, 23:50:11

Great Book
Keep up the good work!!!!

Nina Wuliu 09.02.2019, 15:49:32

A great fun story
Keep up the good work
Bravo !

Angielyn Smith 09.02.2019, 02:13:06

I love it...
Keep up the good work!

Clara 06.02.2019, 05:22:11

Good story keep writing.

Kessily Brunet 31.01.2019, 12:57:15

one of my favorite

Lizzie Dunlap 28.01.2019, 12:52:21

good characters and story

Kath Snit 27.01.2019, 14:21:11

totally recommended

Catsoline Grace 26.01.2019, 19:50:07

I consider this story to be very entertaining

Kerry Ward 23.01.2019, 14:58:43

I'm touched

Jeanette Adams 20.01.2019, 14:17:16


Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 13:58:10

very cute

Kelli Callahan 18.01.2019, 23:14:55

I´m addicted

True Match 17.01.2019, 19:37:37

don't seem to be one for another

Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 15:52:37

love it

Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 14:01:02

will read it soon and give you my opinion

Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 20:17:50

first chapters are very entertaining

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