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The Billionaire's Song


Story about:
firstlove, finding the truth, finding romance


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Publication: 20.09.2019 — 15.10.2019

Description of book "The Billionaire's Song"

Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didn't do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the most unlikely place..only problem was he only did relationships.

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Jada Sweeting 15.10.2019, 18:47:52

This was amazing will there be another book ?

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Jada Sweeting 16.10.2019, 18:04:27

What’s the name or when will it be out ? You’re an amazing writer

Loata Wara Takala 16.10.2019, 07:54:39

I positively love this book... will read it again

Loata Wara Takala 12.10.2019, 01:15:40

in your face JP!!! love this

Jada Sweeting 11.10.2019, 03:34:48

This book is amazing wow

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caramelcherries 11.10.2019, 08:44:02

Jada Sweeting, Thank you!

Ariadne Roberts 09.10.2019, 17:28:09

he's very protective

Hannah Parizo 08.10.2019, 18:29:42

I just can´t stop reading it

The last comment in the thread:

caramelcherries 09.10.2019, 11:41:58

Hannah Parizo, Thank you! Hope you keep reading xx

Jasmin Maharaj 06.10.2019, 00:35:40

This book is wonderful I enjoyed every page so far keep up the good work

Kathy Gillard 05.10.2019, 23:15:42

awsome so far.

Alexis Danford 04.10.2019, 14:46:09

he will do anything for her

Veronica Vera 02.10.2019, 09:51:28

Maya is so lucky to have him

Maira Digt 01.10.2019, 19:38:38

my poor Maya, will she be ok?

Maira Digt 01.10.2019, 19:38:38

my poor Maya, will she be ok?

Loata Wara Takala 30.09.2019, 21:42:22

Love the story... eagerly waiting for more

Giggi 30.09.2019, 19:22:49

dying to read more

Ana Arrigo 29.09.2019, 14:34:58

amazing story

Kelly Wright 28.09.2019, 11:40:29

can´t wait to read more

Dee Peric 27.09.2019, 14:36:13

my boy

Dora Kellner 26.09.2019, 09:01:11

Sing it to me

Nicole Preedy 24.09.2019, 12:14:46


Cathy Evans 23.09.2019, 12:50:34

give me this candy

Giggi 22.09.2019, 14:20:29

come here babe

Dora Kellner 21.09.2019, 08:19:35

he's so hot

Michelle Shelburn 20.09.2019, 17:26:25

love it, moreeeee pls

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