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The Dragon and the Journalist


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Publication: 30.11.2018 — 02.12.2018

Annotation to the book "The Dragon and the Journalist"

A Ninja Gaiden fanfic.

Sonia travels to Tokyo for vacations. She's wounded by a recent break-up and longs to get over her ex. Curious as a cat, Sonia will soon find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little did she know, Ryu Hayabusa will be the answer to all her prayers.

Who would have thought even the deadliest ninja has feelings too?

***I do not own anything related to the Tecmo Koei/Team Ninja/Nintendo franchises nor the Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive universes. This is a work, product of my imagination, made for entertainment purposes solely. However, it is strictly forbidden to use any of my OCs without my written permission. Thank you.

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Michael Knight 02.12.2018, 21:58:16

loved this game!

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Mitikiwostky 05.12.2018, 18:13:04

Michael Knight, I used to be. My ps3 died a while ago but Ninja Gaiden has a special place in my heart

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