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The Fortress

Shreekhar R

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youngadult, psychic, learn about her powers


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Publication: 15.06.2019 — ...

Description of the story "The Fortress"

As far back as Arya can remember, she always did as her father told. Looking back at her life, she finds it surprising how much of it was dictated by her kind and gentle father. She never regretted any of it but as she enters high school, things have begun to change fast and in ways that she did not expect.

Her father, however, is seeing the change from a different perspective. This change is not taking his daughter forward but back, back to a time he does not wish to go back.

As their ideas clash, their relationship strained, it soon becomes apparent what they mean for each other as they try to survive a world that is slowly turning against them.

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Drew 08.07.2019, 21:07:45

want to find out what is going on

Peter Andrews 16.06.2019, 18:27:01

good start

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Shreekhar R 16.06.2019, 18:43:01

Peter Andrews, Thank you very much!
Unfortunately, the story is on hold. Will be back with updates soon.

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