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The Golden School Of Magic

Flora Luxar

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wizards, the golden school of magic, romance urban chicklit fiction


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Description of book "The Golden School Of Magic"

In our lives even a small incident can inspire us to do many impossible things. The main thing which you need to complete the impossible tasks is faith. It is said that faith can even move mountains.

Magic is losing its importance in the current world and those who like to learn magic infact who believe in magic are given the title of idiots and psychos. Medha is also the one who wants to become a wizard. She carries out her magical practices in secret and then one fine day she gets an invitation letter from the prestigious school of magic ' The Golden School Of Wizards. '

Read out the book to find out what happens to Medha, a lonely girl when she treads the path of wizardry and how she overcomes her grief of being lonely.

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Mark Pearson 17.08.2019, 17:44:15

Have you inspired by HP?

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Flora Luxar 17.08.2019, 20:09:51

No, it's just my imagination

Douglass Millsap 16.08.2019, 21:10:19

I´m enjoying it

True Match 15.08.2019, 19:58:15


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Flora Luxar 16.08.2019, 16:13:41

thank you

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