The Half Vampire Chronicles Book I


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The is a very detailed and comprehensive look at Nessie's life after Breaking Dawn. Starts when she is sixteen, but will follow her through her many stages of life. Includes her love for Jacob, lots of family drama,wolves, and twists.

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Debbie Thomas 20.02.2019, 19:42:14

where's the rest of the story????

Delicia Haupt 14.02.2019, 15:08:33

Oh this all.

When are you uploading more????

Kath Snit 27.01.2019, 14:27:02


Catsoline Grace 26.01.2019, 20:05:27


Tiffany Kole 22.01.2019, 12:55:42

very nice story with very potential characters

Becky 21.01.2019, 14:57:03

I love it.. Please more

Kelli Callahan 19.01.2019, 00:10:55

very nice

PandoraGirl 12.01.2019, 22:31:26

Thank fot your comment. I think this is gonna be a great story.

Asha Kumar 12.01.2019, 22:24:00

love stories about wolves

Peter Andrews 08.01.2019, 22:33:59

very excited to read more

Becky 21.01.2019, 14:37:57

This is too wonderful... I can't wait for newer updates.. More ink in your pen

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