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The House At Sailor's Bay

Cherie Mitchell

Text includes:
romantic suspense, romance, small town romance


20 8 2520

Current rating:
#10 at Contemporary Romance
#4 at Suspense

Full text 154 pages

Publication: 24.11.2018 — 13.12.2018
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Annotation to the book "The House At Sailor's Bay"

Libby Jones has had enough of a life filled with cheating men, had enough of her dismal 9-5 job, and had more than enough of her mother's Sunday luncheons where the top item on the menu is recycled gossip.

Unsure of where to turn to find her way out of a life she no longer wants and about to invest in the fulltime role of orange-haired cat lady, Libby's luck starts to change the day she hears from the executors of Aunt Marian's Will.

Aunt Marian, a woman Libby can scarcely remember, has left her a house in Sailor's Bay. However, Libby soon learns that Aunt Marian was never one to opt for full disclosure.

Can Libby find her peace, and perhaps new love, in Sailor's Bay? Or has she stepped into more mysteries and frayed, unfinished endings than she is able to unravel?

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