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The Hunter's Tale


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Description of book "The Hunter's Tale"

Sebastian Dubois Monseurett is a Ace V of the Venatores Guild Ranks. A renowned hunter of his generation who rise up the ranks from being the Jack V to his position now. His life is as easy as what should it be, as he along with Leones hunt everyday to provide the needs and demand of their kingdom. One day, he tripped into a secret chamber in which he founds a ring, an artifact that will give him an ability he never thought of. With this, he will became a great hunter. But the ring was more than what he thinks of as it has consequences he didn't know if he can handle, especially when a woman crosses paths with him to make him feel the Love he always wanted. Could he control what controls him for the woman he loves? Or will it win against him and destroy the world?

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Whatever 11.09.2019, 14:26:00

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John Mitchell 24.01.2019, 20:20:49

love ancient societies

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Wondercyy 24.02.2019, 19:33:56

John Mitchell, Hope you'll like the story

Amara Kent 18.02.2019, 12:24:45

cool story

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Wondercyy 24.02.2019, 19:33:37

Amara Kent, thank you :)

Ashley Lewel 19.02.2019, 15:13:28

good start

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Wondercyy 24.02.2019, 19:33:18

Ashley Lewel, thank you :)

Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 14:16:18

can you publish more?

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Wondercyy 19.01.2019, 19:01:46

Michael Knight, Were just getting delayed for I was still studying(just finished our 2nd sem exams) and fabricating every chapter :)

True Match 17.01.2019, 19:51:48

hope to read it soon!

Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 13:58:52

waiting for the beginning!

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Wondercyy 17.01.2019, 18:51:32

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you. It was just delayed because it's my 2nd semester finals exam this week :)

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