The Island Princess

Gale-Ann Marcelle

Text includes:
caribbean folk tales, princess, old english


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#9 at Romantic fantasy
#9 at Romantic fantasy

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Publication: 24.11.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "The Island Princess"

n the ethereal world of Nevermore, there once lived a King and Queen Adolph and Luciana. They had four daughters Ademia, Silvia , Nadia and Jeroma. Despite the strictness of their parents, the four girls managed to live very rebellious lives that stemmed from overprotectiveness of the king and queen. The sisters were constantly kept indoors and were never allowed to venture outside without each other but were severely punished if caught breaking the rules. Silvia was the first to rebel; running away after Jeroma was happily married. She snuck out of the castle in the still of the night and was married secretly to David, a handsome young prince of the small kingdom Mona.

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