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The Land of the Unknown

Celeste I.

Story about:
survival, adventure, dinosaurs


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#8 in Action & Adventures
#7 in Action fantasy

Ongoing: 29 Nov 20 pages

Publication: 16.11.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Land of the Unknown"

A school field trip gone wrong, two friends, Tommy and Antonio, come across an underground laboratory while exploring and sneaking into the caverns at night. After a bit of scuffle with another intruder, a girl named Maggie, the three activated a portal, which sucked them right in.

When the trio got out, they found themselves trapped in another world, unlike their own. This strange new world contained much dangerous stuff that they have to be careful of, such as Dinosaurs, elemental hazards, different realms to explore, among other things.

Tommy, Antonio, and Maggie must work together to try to stay alive. They must find a way out of there as soon as possible. They'll need to survive the dangers and figure out who to trust in this new world, including each other.

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Lawrence Frost 01.12.2019, 19:36:49

oh, it's a dinosaur there :D

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Celeste I. 01.12.2019, 23:56:04

Lawrence Frost, Yep, there sure is~

Eric Phillips 30.11.2019, 00:49:20

nice to read you

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Celeste I. 30.11.2019, 04:32:26

Eric Phillips, Nice to hear that~

Mike Two 27.11.2019, 18:52:01

waiting for updates of this story

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Celeste I. 28.11.2019, 03:02:48

Mike Two, Cool, the next update should be up in about two-three days. I'm hoping the updates will stay consistently weekly from here out.

Angel Lederhouse 24.11.2019, 00:49:45

can you publish more?

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Celeste I. 25.11.2019, 01:19:00

Angel Lederhouse, Great to hear, hope you like it so far! I'm going to see if I update weekly (some days may fluctuate though)~

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