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The Legend of a Lone Prince

Umm e Yusuf

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fantasy world, wisdom, bravery


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#41 in Short stories
#86 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 25 Sep 5 pages

Publication: 15.09.2019 — ...
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "The Legend of a Lone Prince"

This story is inspired by Children's Fairytales. It is a Story of a Handsome, Brave and Wise Prince who will suffer deceit, exile, face consequences, unveil secrets and will win his Kingdom and hearts of his people.

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Ciana Frost 21.09.2019, 04:54:53

I love the story so far! I think your doing a great job!

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Umm e Yusuf 23.09.2019, 23:28:16

I am humbly pleased by your kind words

Roza Csergo 18.09.2019, 10:14:27

Good luck in the competition.

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Umm e Yusuf 19.09.2019, 23:57:52


Litnet Authors 16.09.2019, 04:04:28

For your story to be accepted, part of the criteria is to like and follow Litnet Authors facebook page. If you have already please let us know what name your FB page is if it differs from your author name so we may confirm, it. Thank you! You can send the name by email litnetauthors@gmail so you don't have to reveal your FB account here in public.

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Ruechari 18.09.2019, 04:42:17

Umm e Yusuf, Your story has been accepted, Thank you!

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