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The Light's Shadow


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love, betrayal, pregnant


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Ongoing: 10 Aug 25 pages

Publication: 24.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "The Light's Shadow"

Christine Gyamfi is a Christian and is a famous writer in Canada. She has a brother that lives in the United States and parents that wants her to get married. However, she isn't interested for that kind of thing.

Christine is a very smart woman. But she does have a tendency to trust people way to quickly. Her goal in life is to become an inspiration for those who wants to be guided through this cruel world.

Her best friends is an amazing nurse that works in a psychiatric Ward and a party girl that lives in the moment. A plan to hang out with her friends gets her webbed in secrets and lies.

But that doesn't matter, it made her stronger and wiser.

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Grace 11.08.2019, 14:43:48


Jenny 10.08.2019, 08:43:30

I´m loving it

Andrea Bartorelli 06.08.2019, 10:51:08

I like the general idea, hope you'll continue the story

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Thank you. And I will try

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