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The Lone Vampire

Tareesa Hatton

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romance, vampire, paranomal


Restriction: 18+

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Description of the story "The Lone Vampire"

I was alone when it happened. Powder sat under my nose as I desperately sniffed it up. I didn't think that I'd get caught, but I did. And it was by a man, no, creature who I had no idea exhisted. We were both loners, but that's where our similarities ended. Or so I thought.

Gianna Miller, 22, is a lonely coke head who did anything just to get her next fix. She's in an alleyway when Orion Luther, the 356 year old vampire prince, comes across her for blood. After seeing she's no good for what he wants, he leaves. But then they see each other again, only this time, it's in a way that neither could imagine.

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Benn. C 10.08.2019, 16:04:12

beautiful cover, shit. great annotation too. can't wait to read it

Sam Holte 08.08.2019, 13:04:52

Well, what about the updates?

K.R Webber 08.08.2019, 06:32:50

Read it. It was short and interesting. I will tune in for updates. I followed you. It would be kind of you if you follow me back as well. We can give feedbacks to each other.

Alesha Evangelist 08.08.2019, 04:57:00

Please update

Marie Thomas 07.08.2019, 11:11:43

Who is he?

Roza Csergo 07.08.2019, 10:39:00

This story has a very interesting premise. The cover looks fantastic and your writing is very engaging. I added this story to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back? If you like action-adventure fantasy then I welcome you to check out my ongoing stories. Happy writing.

Goodness 07.08.2019, 04:16:58

interesting start and nice description, I liked the book and followed you, I hope you can follow back

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