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The Melted Star

Lana Loft

Story about:
greek mythology, fantasy gods, transgender romance


Restriction: 18+

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#7 in LGBT
#18 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 24 Jun 69 pages

Publication: 03.06.2019 — ...

Description of the story "The Melted Star"

The chaotic Aphrodite has willingly fallen from Eden. Undergoing a drastic transformation from Goddess to God, Ariel intends on finding his scorned lover, Asmodeus. He attempts to keep his true identity a secret from those he once held close while wandering the city of the Rosebed.

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Noa Clark 24.06.2019, 16:36:01

unexpectedly cool

Roza Csergo 24.06.2019, 10:09:53

Interesting concept and very well written.

Charles Johnson 15.06.2019, 20:15:57

you know how to engage your reader

A. S. Deller 14.06.2019, 16:56:17

Such an engaging story -- really subverts expectations! The modernization of these mythological characters is fascinating.

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Lana Loft 14.06.2019, 21:51:13

thanks I try

April Knhan 08.06.2019, 21:06:01

very nice

Lizzie Dunlap 07.06.2019, 12:49:29

publish more

Grace 06.06.2019, 19:23:24

the download is for the chapters published or for the entire book?

Miri Golden 05.06.2019, 19:18:33

impatient to read more

Mike Two 03.06.2019, 14:39:16

the annotation is interesting, besides I like Greek mythology

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Lana Loft 03.06.2019, 20:25:35


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