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The mysterious towers


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Publication: 07.08.2019 — 16.08.2019

Description of the story "The mysterious towers"

This is a story which is has been made up from notes I have had lying around since I created the Master Guardian series, of strange towers that lie on an island which have baffled the gods for centuries for none of them know how they were built or what there purpose.

I must point out the island mentioned in the story does not have any towers on it, this is just fiction.
Thanks to google maps for finding these awesome Suopo ancient watchtowers in Danba County of southwest China's Sichuan Province.

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Mark Pearson 14.08.2019, 20:14:28

captivating and very original

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Babs 18.08.2019, 01:54:50

Mark Pearson, So glad to hear you enjoyed it. I am at the moment working on Master Guardian Part Two ^_^ but if I come up with another short story I'll be sure to post it.

Mahnoor Khan 13.08.2019, 17:40:05

Thats an amazing story !! would you please do me a favor and read my first story ever? i followed you and have added your story to my library.

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Mahnoor Khan 14.08.2019, 13:09:50

Babs, i am waiting for it ;)

Andy Rose 13.08.2019, 14:20:36

I love the way you develop this story, your style is no simple and not everyone is ready to read something like this.

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Babs 13.08.2019, 14:51:49

Andy Rose, Thank you, that makes me very happy. When I have only been throwing it together from notes, some of which are twenty years old. I hope you continue to read as I have published the 4th chapter, and I am currently writing the ending ^_^

Ted Charlton 12.08.2019, 09:29:43

Good job

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Babs 12.08.2019, 10:43:48

Ted Charlton, Thanks, even it is not completed yet ^_^

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