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The Revival Plan


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reversing death, identity, selfdiscovery


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Ongoing: 13 Jul 127 pages

Publication: 02.07.2019 — ...

Description of the story "The Revival Plan"

Imagine it, living in a society where death can be undone by paying the right price. The more money you have, the less grief you have to suffer through. Amazing? It should be! Nothing wrong with missing your loved ones and wanting them back. The success rate is unparalleled! Here are three success stories of the infallible 'Revival Plan'. Vera Leatherman, a detective with a loving husband who brought her back into his otherwise empty life through the Plan. Robyn Wolff, a devoted mother reunited with her son and husband after an unfortunate accident. And Liam Osmond, son of famed stage actor, Michael Osmond, returned home and given a second chance at a life he believed was going nowhere. Three different scenarios, different trials, all perfect successes. The Revival Plan; rise again.

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Charles Johnson 13.07.2019, 22:13:25

Great development of the story

Anthony Sterling 13.07.2019, 00:12:35

waiting for more

Mark Timber 11.07.2019, 23:44:07


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SavannahGeorgia 12.07.2019, 03:04:54

Mark Timber, Oh, yea, definitely. I've just been really busy with work and some outside writing projects that required my immediate attention, but I'll be updating either tonight or tomorrow. I'm glad you like it though.

Mark Timber 10.07.2019, 23:12:54

nice story

Lucile Savino 08.07.2019, 21:03:30

unusual but interesting

Roza Csergo 05.07.2019, 10:52:32

Very interesting premise.
I added your story to my library and followed you.
Hope you update soon.

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Roza Csergo 06.07.2019, 18:48:10

SavannahGeorgia, I admire those who finish what they start.
I'm angry at myself because I always ditch all my stories.
Now, I'm pantsing through another one, but this time I rely on readers who want updates. Anyway, you are a good storyteller. Keep it up.

Mark Pearson 05.07.2019, 14:13:34

it´s hard to find a good sci-fi book, yours is one of them

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Mark Pearson 06.07.2019, 18:12:15

SavannahGeorgia, congrats, well-done!

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