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The Secret of the Guardian of Dreams

Aillin Ai

Series: The Guardian of Dreams

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fantasy, other worlds, short story


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#43 in Fantasy
#12 in Short stories

Complete 3 pages

Publication: 31.10.2019 — 31.10.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "The Secret of the Guardian of Dreams"

It’s a story about a Guardian of Dreams who lives in two worlds: one is the land of Guardians, other belongs to humans. The hardships she faces while taking care of people’s dreams bring her to some thoughts that change the two worlds.

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Litnet Authors 01.11.2019, 23:57:36

For your story to be accepted, part of the criteria is to like and follow Litnet Authors facebook page. If you have already please let us know what name your FB page is if it differs from your author name so we may confirm, it. Thank you! You can send the name by email litnetauthors@gmail so you don't have to reveal your FB account here in public.

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Aillin Ai 02.11.2019, 00:19:28

All the same, thank you for the reminder)

Celeste I. 01.11.2019, 06:49:04

What a charming story, for one so short. I love the premise behind this, and I enjoyed the narration behind it. While I wasn't sure how it got to that ending point (I was a little confused by how it went, but not too much), that last sentence and ending is also quite lovely.

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Aillin Ai 01.11.2019, 09:04:59

Thank you!)

Samuel Strock 31.10.2019, 22:22:36


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Aillin Ai 31.10.2019, 22:41:19

Thank you)

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