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The Spirits' Guide


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demons, witches, urban setting


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Description of book "The Spirits' Guide"

Iris. Many would imagine the flower or the part of the eye that held color rather than a girl that appears to be seventeen. At least, those outside of Stila, the ancient country that was home and sacred ground to all witches and magical beings alike. To them, the name is that of a savior's. Many whisper about the mysterious girl's strength and powers. With such powers, come tasks that only she can do. As such, Iris is sent to Aneria, a kingdom that would sooner burn a witch than let her walk their streets all to save a human boy from the attacks of demons.

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Andy Rose 15.09.2019, 20:07:27

many questions to solve now

Hannah Parizo 14.09.2019, 20:23:04

love :3

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Oddham 15.09.2019, 03:22:28

Hannah Parizo, Thank you!

Athena Bock 01.09.2019, 18:29:54

good story, just left to put a cover

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Oddham 02.09.2019, 14:00:04

Athena Bock, Thank you anyway. I figured out it was an issue with the file.

Celeste I. 02.09.2019, 08:38:38

Ooh, this is going in an interesting direction. Many questions and mysteries, with potential to be answered or left in the imagination of the readers, and not too much exposition either. The story is too soon, so hopefully, the characters and story develop over time. This does have the potential to be good...

Roza Csergo 31.08.2019, 16:58:43

This is a very promising story.
First the description then the prologue pulls you in deep and makes you want to explore the world. Looking forward to your updates.
Added it to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back? I'd love to connect with you. Thanks.

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Oddham 01.09.2019, 14:47:50

Roza Csergo, Thank you! Sure thing!

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