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The Tale We Lived


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mystery, suspense mystery, secrets revealed


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#11 in Urban fantasy
#14 in Suspense

Ongoing: 06 Nov 256 pages

Publication: 27.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Tale We Lived"

Strange dreams. New arrivals. Rising unease. Angry spirits. Rumours, secrets and lies. It seems that what appears to be the peak of MageTown's glory may very well be the downfall of the ancient and rich little town.

What starts out as a crazy, Friday night adventure for 17 year old Marina Curio and her friends throws them on a trail that unwinds the very core mystery that holds their hometown together— a mystery pulls past, present and future into one exhilarating truth.

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Andrew Acton 28.10.2019, 22:19:40

it'll be a great party

Nickolas Harbourt 27.10.2019, 19:30:48

wow..super big chapters

Giggi 29.09.2019, 14:52:22


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Javeeria 27.10.2019, 15:19:28

Giggi, Thank you, so glad you enjoy it

Angel Lederhouse 25.10.2019, 21:21:50

your chapters are so long

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Javeeria 27.10.2019, 15:18:15

Angel Lederhouse, Hmm, you're right. I will definitely try to make the next ones shorter

Tom Angry 26.10.2019, 22:29:58

keep it up

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Javeeria 27.10.2019, 15:17:54

Tom Angry, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it

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