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The Warhelen


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pirates, kingdoms


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#8 at Romantic fantasy
#4 at Action fantasy

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Publication: 27.11.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "The Warhelen"

A lady warrior, who meets a mysterious prince as her enemy.

She was sent by their duke of west to am mission, where she met the prince. But suddenly the tables turned, as she knows her true enemy was the duke of west. But is what the prince saying is true?
Were they're gonna find the justice they want?
Or is it love that they're gonna find?
Do they need to fight for their love as a warrior or as royals?

Let's join them with their journey as they find their true self.

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Мстислава Чёрная 01.12.2018, 19:55:17

The first part is exciting. I hope you write a cool story.
Good luck!

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Мстислава Чёрная 06.12.2018, 10:12:27

melabertha, slow updates is ok if you write for fun. Most bestseller are updated daily.

Thomas Tomend 03.12.2018, 17:36:49

cool story

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melabertha 06.12.2018, 05:42:50

Thomas Tomend, Thank you. I hope you'll enjoy the story. I'm sorry if my updates are really slow.

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