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This Rushing Air

Brad Emshwiller

Story about:
cosmic horror, weird fiction


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#20 in Dark fantasy
#12 in Supernaturals

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Publication: 05.10.2019 — 05.10.2019

Description of book "This Rushing Air"

Every year, the festival consumes the best and the brightest: a whirlwind of faith spares the faithful against those destined for the void. the village lives on through the heroism of those willing to stand against the wind.

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K.R Webber 05.10.2019, 08:38:16

Your writing style is great. I like how you compose sentences.

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Brad Emshwiller 05.10.2019, 13:57:31

Thank you, sir.

Cira Shalash 05.10.2019, 13:47:36

weird fiction? yep haha

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