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Tomahawks and Tembleque


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love, native american, biracial


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Abigail Echevarría flies from the warmth of the Caribbean to the cold land of Canada in search of fortune. Challenging herself to find a job in thirty days, Abigail wants to become the designer of her destiny--and throw away her return flight ticket. She thinks she has it all figured out. That is until a handsome Native American crosses her path and shakes off her plans with a hair flip.

Oz Blackmane is living a life he doesn't want. He has a stable job, a loving family and his whole life its ahead of him. Nevertheless, he feels like something is missing. Not wanting to return to his old habits, Oz finds a breath of fresh air in an awkward girl he saw a streetlight. Maybe, Abigail is exactly what Oz needs to get out of his rut.

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Ann Swan 03.12.2018, 11:40:08

I like these Spanish phrases in the novel, looks fresh :)

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Mitikiwostky 03.12.2018, 14:08:03

Ann Swan, thank you :)

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