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demons, historical, prophecy


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On Hold: 10 Sep 132 pages

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Description of book "Tribulation"

Upon her head was the crown of a fallen dynasty. In her veins was the blood of a reign destroyed by hatred fueled by incompetence. Now, she was the head of the Michaelis family, the continuation of a legacy in demonology. In the aftermath of a world war, the fall of an empire, the destruction of the economy, and the rise of the world's worst evils, a perfect storm of events was leading to the realization of mankind's greatest prophecy. Hell's gates were opening wide, ready to claim the estranged grand duchess as its own. History may not remember her name, but she would keep it from ending. She was known as Catherine Alexandria Rose Michaelis, or, by birthright, Grand Duchess Catherina Alexandra Nikolaevna Romanov.

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Nickolas Harbourt 03.09.2019, 13:09:53

the story is extremely enjoyable, highly recommend it

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SavannahGeorgia 03.09.2019, 20:54:17

Nickolas Harbourt, Thank you very much. I do hope you recommend it to friends and other readers on the site. It would mean a lot.

Eric Phillips 01.09.2019, 18:36:49

well written, interesting and intriguing, what more can one ask for?

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SavannahGeorgia 01.09.2019, 20:24:07

Thank you very much! Hope I can keep your interest until the end

Joe Marh 31.08.2019, 12:42:24

after seeing the names of the chapters I have a strong desire to read it

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SavannahGeorgia 31.08.2019, 22:03:55

I sure hope you do :)

Peter Bishop 30.08.2019, 13:49:57

end of the world, seems to be scary

Noa Clark 26.08.2019, 16:34:02

thanks for full text

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Noa Clark 29.08.2019, 18:58:26

SavannahGeorgia, I thought that earlier it was saying that it was a complete story

Ann Rivera 27.08.2019, 14:02:03


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SavannahGeorgia 28.08.2019, 06:06:14

Ann Rivera, I sure hope that's a good wow, lol

Katie Von 24.08.2019, 19:59:22

Is it the end?

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Katie Von 25.08.2019, 19:18:28

SavannahGeorgia, thank you.

Drew 23.08.2019, 13:21:20

I like the description

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