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futuristic, survival, suspense


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Ongoing: 06 Nov 23 pages

Publication: 24.10.2019 — ...

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Anne and Tom, two 9 year old children wake up in a dark and abandoned lab-like bunker. With no prior memories but their names, they set out to find civilization.

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Ted Charlton 01.11.2019, 23:23:18

that's really nice

Twiggy 31.10.2019, 15:45:16

Oooooh nice! Looking good so far! Good job :D

Dee Peric 27.10.2019, 19:31:32

will you post chapters soon?

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Omegalisk 29.10.2019, 15:43:43

Dee Peric, Chapter 1 is up! :)
Though there might be some changes coming, I hope you'll love it.
Chapter two is also taking shape.

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