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Two Minds

Naakaree griffits

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mental health, thriller romance, phsyco


Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 27.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Two Minds"

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Daddy Issues? CHECK, Mummy issues? CHECK, Low self-esteem? CHECK, Overthinking mind leading to insanity? CHECK

Lizzy is your average teenager, not able to take a break from life's bad idea of a joke. Her life is hell and her parents are the demons of her prison.

One bad choice after another, leading her to her ultimate demise, uncovering a secret that was hidden from her since birth.

What if everyone you knew wasn't who they said they were?

What if your surroundings weren't all that you could see?

What if the You, you thought you knew wasn't who you were at all?

A classically intriguing thriller, where every corner is a mystery that could lead you to who you really are. Would you want to find out?

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Susan Murdock 27.01.2020, 13:59:11

wow, can't stop reading

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Naakaree griffits 29.01.2020, 05:36:32

Susan Murdock, Please rate it :D

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