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lifehacks, brokenness, hope


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Amyaline (Mya) is a normal teenage girl that gets dealt with by life blows. The way she chooses to respond and deal with issues, and the consequences of her actions catch up with her. All she wonders about is what she did to deserve what's happening to her. Is she the one being unfaithful? Is it God? Could she blame it on the devil? Earth? Her ancestors? Will she find the answers to these questions?
Book one in the real life series.

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Sharon Brooke 10.03.2019, 13:00:18


Marie Thomas 09.03.2019, 13:40:41

nice concept

Savage Rose 08.03.2019, 11:55:25

are you sure that it´s nonfiction? cause if it is, it can´t be one of the fiction genres, like young adult

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