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Universal Principles

Igor Chykalov

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understanding thyself and surroundings, universal philosophic principles, interrelation of all the things


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Description of the story "Universal Principles"

I put the book to "Others" category, since there is no "philosophy" or "search-of-truth" genre at the site. Such kind of literature is often considered as boring and useless. Nonetheless a lot of people try to find working principles, which can help to understand their lives and as such are "philosophers" or "wisdom lovers" just like me. In the book I represent what I found.
So the book is about interrelation of all the things from micro- to macrocosm and the universal principles, which underlie and explain everything in life. Those principles were invented by different wise men in different times. I've noticed those principles help me to see everything in my life much deeper as well as in lives of the others, whether they are people, families, businesses or countries.

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