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Ongoing: 14 Nov 19 pages

Publication: 21.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Unleashed "

An ancient demon has been released from the college library and it is causing chaos in the college. Who realsed it? What would be the consequences of realesing the demon? Can it be put back to it's place? Will they find love in the mist of chaos?

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Vera John 05.09.2019, 00:12:33

Interesting, keep it coming girl. Much love

Monica Spener 29.08.2019, 18:56:43

pleasant reading

Ariadne Roberts 28.08.2019, 19:57:21


Spotlex 27.08.2019, 18:10:32

Thank you all. Your comments keep me going.

Ekwerike Diana 27.08.2019, 18:09:22

Nice story

Ekwerike Diana 27.08.2019, 18:09:02

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Chiemela Nnodim 27.08.2019, 17:47:24

Nice Story. Please pals let's make this story trend, I can't wait to continue reading it. Please continue

Confidence Fidelis 25.08.2019, 22:53:09

Wow, I'm liking it already. Please continue. I can't wait.

Spotlex 22.08.2019, 16:58:22

It's gonna be a nice book.

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Paris Nobriga 23.08.2019, 21:07:11

Spotlex, I'm already enjoying it **

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