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Vampire Chronicles

Kyrie Uzumaki


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#4 in Historical Romance
#5 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 06 Oct 123 pages

Publication: 04.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Vampire Chronicles"

Nicole is your 3rd year student at School looking for love in her when she comes across a handsome man named Charles.

Nicole a bubbly person with a talent for singing. She finds ways to support her family by sneaking out in the middle of the night to perform for the poor vampires and himans that Live in the mainland.

One day a mysterious man named that observes schools in the mainland. A thousand-year-old Vampire in a school were humans belong was no other than a death wish for the humans. Along which Jasper his servant and loyal dog gets Charles dirty work done. Having such distaste for humans he can barely even look at one but when Nicole came into the picture he started to develop feelings he never thought to have with one person.

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April Knhan 07.10.2019, 18:03:45

Nicole is a beauty

Ariadne Roberts 06.10.2019, 18:11:33

I´m hooked

Alexis Danford 04.10.2019, 14:45:03

I´m keen on vampire stories, hope this one won't disappoint me

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Cira Shalash 05.10.2019, 13:48:11

Alexis Danford, you will love it, I just can´t stop reading it

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