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Vampire College: Big Wolf College Years


Series: Big Wolf College Years

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vampires, werewolves, big wolf on campus


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Description of book "Vampire College: Big Wolf College Years"

When Merton turned up at Tommy's dorm room claiming that he was his new room mate, they knew their crazy adventures had only just began.

There is something about the Dorm adviser and Merton is determined to find out what. However Tommy believes his bestfriend is over reacting; he has always been known to have a over active imagination and over reacts to things. Even though he doesn't believe his friend, he helps him to discover the dorm adviser's secret, but little did they expect the threat to be even more bigger, than they can handle alone. The dorm adviser is the least of their problems. They should have been worried about the group of vampires.

Will they survive their next battle against the terrifing vampires?

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