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warrior of the dragons


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and contains spg, girl power, true love


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scarlet is warrior her on a journey with her friends help she will see all, love battle and so much more
thanks for reading

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Roza Csergo 28.07.2019, 13:02:28

You cleaned up the text pretty well.
Enjoyed reading the update.
Would you consider checking out my action-adventure fantasy Her Blood and tell me your opinion in a comment?

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pic 28.07.2019, 17:24:21

Kk I know I will enjoy it :)

Roza Csergo 24.07.2019, 11:03:20

Hi. I don't want to sound rude but may I suggest dividing this one huge paragraph into smaller ones?
Also, would you consider adding punctuation marks where they're needed, like commas and periods?
Or starting the dialogue in a new line whenever the speaker changes?
These would make it easier for the reader to understand and to enjoy your story.
Happy writing :-)

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pic 27.07.2019, 08:23:09

Roza Csergo, I know but I didn't expect my book to be top 3 so fast :0

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