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Wedding Vows

Londa Cele

Story about:
prank gone wrong, gay romance, pan african


Restriction: 18+

10 5 2001

#31 in Contemporary Romance
#25 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 22 pages

Publication: 17.06.2019 — 17.06.2019

Description of the story "Wedding Vows"

The famous words uttered at a wedding. Do they really mean anything or are they just words used to prolong the process of watching the ring go on. But if your spouse were to cheat on you, would you still stick by them? Or worse, play a prank that proves to be fatal?

These are some of the questions Noxolo has to answer when things take a turn for the worst with her marriage and she remembers the words for better or worse and decides to act accordingly.

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very cute story

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Londa Cele, Thanks

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