Winter in the park

Andromeda D.

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bdsm, lgbt, autism


Restriction: 18+

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Ongoing: 05 Sep 43 pages

Publication: 05.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Winter in the park"

Marcus Winter is an odd kid. A 21 year old college student he may seem normal enough of the surface but there's a reason this tall, dark haired, hoodie wearing, nerd keeps to himself. Marcus has high functioning autism. All his life people have served as a constant source of anxiety. Difficulty with communication made it hard to connect to people and his obsessive interests and habits often left him isolated. Despite his age he still struggles with basic tasks like riding the bus or buying groceries.

He'd all but given up on the idea of ever loosing his virginity, let alone having a real relationship, that is until a handsome stranger takes in interest in him. Jeremy Parker is a submissive and sees potential in Marcus as a dom. Marcus finds himself quickly swept up in a sexual subculture

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I´d like to see its cover

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