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Dry Bones And Words

Captain Folktastic

The old church building had been sitting vacant for about seven months when the police got the first call about trouble there. At that time it appeared to the officers responding to be nothing more than kids breaking in to party, and do a little vandalism. That would soon change.... more info

Text includes: folkwritings from the future

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The Previous Life of a Poet

Captain Folktastic

Sometimes these story's are difficult to write. Memories seem to fade a bit, they change over time and from person to person like a game of telephone. You remember that from when you were a child? You pass a sentence along from one person to the other and see how close it is to the original when it ... more info

Text includes: growing up, new york city, poetry

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Go Ask Cern

Captain Folktastic

Captain Folktastic, the original atomic abolitionist takes you on a journey that you never thought possible. Get ready to leave the world you thought you lived in. And enter the reality that rabbit holes and colored pills only scratched the surface of. Follow Lacy and Grimes as they delve deep into ... more info

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